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Medical Rights

Parents of children with illness or disability, and families with a parent whose functioning is compromised due to illness or disability.

Shiatsu Air Pro Foot Massager

Patients with pain in their feet. The massage is conducted through deep circular motions that release stress, sooth pain, increase blood flow and alleviate tension in the soles of the feet. Diabetes patients should consult with a doctor before commencing treatment. HoMedics Professional Shiatsu Massage machine imitates the hand motions of professional masseuses. Special settings […]

OrCam MyEye

Blind, visually-impaired or anyone with difficulty reading (i.e. with dyslexia)

Baby Scale

Preemies and infants requiring frequent weighing.


Individuals with visual impairment.

Ear Popper

The Ear Popper ear relief device is intended for the home remedy of children and adults with fluid in the ear and hearing impairment.

B-Cure Laser

The device is intended to treat orthopedic problems, pain, infections, wounds and sports injuries and accelerate recovery following dental procedures.