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Patients and family members in need of assistance on the road!

Refua Vesimcha volunteers are stationed in hundreds of points in Israel and around the world and are available to carry out deliveries and tasks that help patients and their families and save lives.

The organization’s flagship project, Refua Vesimcha Online operates with over 900!!!! Whatsapp groups and a widespread network of over 10,000 volunteers in cities and towns around Israel and the world who reach out to help patients, families and seniors and provide for their needs.

Refua Vesimcha Online’s huge range of services include Make-A-Wish; patient and family transportation to and from hospitals; transportation of medical equipment; medicine pickup and delivery; medical counseling; subsidized medication; translation of medical documents; medical liaison in many languages; and baking and distribution of pastries in hospitals around the world.

Volunteers are divided into groups based on place of residence and receive notifications regarding patients and their families close to home who are in need of immediate help.

At Refua Vesimcha, it’s our privilege to help and galvanize others into action in order to support patients and senior citizens in need. We work hard to overcome technical obstacles that stand in the way of helping patients, and we’ll continue doing everything possible to expand our global network of volunteers administering services and assistance to patients, seniors and needy in Israel and around the world.

Manned 16 hours a day, Refua Vesimcha Online manages groups around the world who spring into action upon receiving the call.

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