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Retreats for Parents of Infants with Disabilities

Parents of infants with disabilities up to age 3 together with their infants

Refua Vesimcha sponsors retreats and respite care for parents of infants with disabilities up to age 3 together with their infants, a sector that does not benefit from any similar service.

In an effort to alleviate the daily struggles of parents raising infants with disabilities and infuse rays of hope, strength and joy into the lives, Refua Vesimcha launched an unprecedented project in 2021: A retreat for parents of infants with disabilities together with their infants.
In the course of the retreat, parents are invited to rest and recoup their energies, secure in the knowledge that their infants are under the close watch of capable volunteers who attend to all their physical and medical needs. Refua Vesimcha’s retreat offers an array of empowering workshops, lectures, and activities along with luxurious accommodations, full-course gourmet cuisine, and constant extras that enable parents to recharge their physical and emotional batteries to continue facing the challenges.
Refua Vesimcha’s semi-annual retreats fill a profound need in the community. The positive, grateful feedback that each retreat generates only reinforces the importance of continuing to sponsor them for the weary, beleaguered parents of infants with disabilities, many of whom have no other opportunity for a break or even a full night of uninterrupted sleep.
The retreats are made possible thanks to the generous support of our donors who identify with the need, distress and exhaustion of parents raising infants with disabilities. Every month, the waiting list of parents eager to attend the upcoming retreat grows. Refua Vesimcha is doing everything in our power to fill this need in our community, but the number of parents waiting currently far exceeds our current capacity.
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