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About Refua Vesimcha

Founded in 2004, Refua Vesimcha is committed to supporting and assisting patients and senior citizens at any hour of the day, anywhere around the globe.

The organization operates with a giant network of over 10,000 volunteers worldwide who receive notifications and dispatches from Refua Vesimcha Online. Our volunteers, who span the spectrum of Israeli society and include men and women, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, are stationed in virtually every city and town in Israel, and in hundreds of places around the world.

Refua Vesimcha’s special services include a fleet of ambulances to transport patients to medical treatment free of charge any day and hour, and a motorcycle unit that carries out emergency life-saving missions. The organization loans expensive medical equipment; arranges retreats and respite care for parents of infants and young children with disabilities; arranges educational instruction for children who are absent from school for extended periods of time due to medical reasons; supervises the baking and distribution of pastries for patients and family members in hospitals; operates a team of devoted volunteers who visit patients and senior citizens in hospitals and nursing homes; and many more activities to benefit patients and their families.

We work 24/7 in cooperation with other charity and help organizations in Israel and around the world, and all our services are delivered free of charge to anyone in need.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Refua Vesimcha offers optimal help and care to anyone in need in Israel and around the world without discriminating by faith, race or gender, and without delay. We aim to reach out and offer immediate help and support, and to expand our activities, so there is no place on the map without a Refua Vesimcha volunteer prepared to help.

Please join us and partner with us in our sacred activities! Sign up to volunteer at the Refua Vesimcha branch nearest you, or donate so we can continue increasing and expanding our activities to benefit patients, seniors and others in need

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