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רשת המתנדבים הרחבה בעולם לסיוע לחולים ובני משפחותיהם

Refua Vesimcha

We provide vital, life-giving support and assistance to patients and senior citizens.
Anytime. Anywhere. In Israel and around the world.

Refua Vesimcha operates a fleet of ambulances to transport patients for medical treatments, a motorcycle unit to deliver medicines, and over 10,000 volunteers around the world who assist patients and senior citizens in need of help and support.

Refua Vesimcha provides free help and support to anyone in need, without discriminating by race, faith or gender.

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Volunteering at Refua Vesimcha takes minimal effort, and you can do it any hour of the day, at your convenience, on your way to or from school or work!
Reach out to help a patient or senior citizen, and join over 10,000 volunteers assisting them with love.

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Refua Vesimcha’s life-giving activities depend on the generous support of thousands around the world who care about our patients and elderly and want to do their part to help. Join our circle of donors and expand our network of supporters! So no patient is left alone.

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Our Partners
Patients Reach Out
We want to thank you for your constant support, which you always give with a smile to those in need.
Baruch Himmel, CEO of Agudat Refuah Vechaim
Words fall short of conveying our profound gratitude and blessings to you and our praises of Refua Vesimcha. Your volunteers bring so much joy to our patients, and your talented keyboardist and singer help us host beautiful parties and celebrations. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, for your determination and perseverance.
Dorit Pesso, Reut Medical Center
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful Chanukah party that you arranged for patients at Loewenstein Hospital. The exhilarating event allowed them to forget their agony and the regular hospital routine, at least temporarily.
Danit, Spokesperson for Loewenstein Hospital
I’m still speechless at what you managed to create and design for the bar mitzvah on short notice. It was simply incredible! A huge thank you to each and every volunteer who gave of her time, energy and heart to make this event a success. This is Am Yisrael at its greatest! I hope that, one day, we’ll be able to give back too.
Yifat, daughter of an oncology patient
As parents and siblings of two children with Down’s syndrome, our hearts are filled with gratitude to you. We can’t describe and thank you enough for the wonderful Shabbos we had while you hosted our children after Simchas Torah. After all the efforts that we put into Yom Tov, your help was heaven-sent!
A. Family, Beit Shemesh
Thank you for making the hospital’s Chanukah Party a smashing success! You brought so much joy to the patients and their families. We also want to thank you for all your efforts to transport patients to and from the hospital.
Dr. Jonathan Kassel, Tel Hashomer Hospital
Words can’t express the joy and pleasure you bring our residents each and every time anew! You should be blessed, and may you always be among the givers of our nation!
Shoshi, LCSW, Beit Tovei Ha’Ir, Jerusalem
Refua Vesimcha is a symbol of the volunteerism and unity that characterize our nation, placing help for the weak, ill and elderly as its supreme goal. As one privileged to bear witness to the organization’s broad-based efforts and activities, I want to thank you on my behalf and on behalf of the entire nation for your magnificent work.
Yoav Kisch, Deputy Minister of Health
Covid-19 challenged the State of Israel, its citizens, and virtually every service and establishment. Refua Vesimcha’s volunteers played an important role during this time, and I salute them as a symbol of pure volunteerism.
MK Mickey Levy, Former Speaker of the Knesset
“I want to thank and bless you for your blessed activities, for all the help and loving-kindness that you bestow upon the Jewish people. I wish you good health, and may you always continue giving.
MK Nir Orbach
We want to express our appreciation for the great joy you brought our children at the recent Purim party. The children danced, sang, celebrated and enjoyed every moment! You were true messengers of mitzvah!
Shema Koleinu Administration
My mother was hospitalized several times. The private ambulance service back and forth to the hospital cost 300 shekels each way, and it was a huge strain on our finances.… And then, someone told me about your organization… There are no words to describe the gratitude we feel for each and every ride to and from the hospital… I write these words with tears of emotion and gratitude streaming down my cheeks...
Naava, Holon
The patient was a very special woman who lost her baby two years ago. Your driver arranged the family’s transportation in a remarkably gentle and sensitive manner. In light of the security situation, he gave her his jacket in the event that she’d have trouble reaching a protected area. Such conduct is deserving of special honorary mention!
Dr. Tamar Ashkenazy, Ministry of Health
In His all-embracing kindness, Hashem sent us angels in the form of the wonderful volunteers at Refua Vesimcha Online. It’s always a pleasure for us to reach out, thank and express our gratitude and blessings to the wonderful administration and all the dear volunteers.
M. Family, Jerusalem Outpatient at Tel Hashomer
The retreat is a desperately-needed break and opportunity to rest and recoup our energies. It imbues us with so much strength to carry on and continue facing the daily challenges. Anyone who helps make this retreat possible, who donated in the past and donates now, is partner in a tremendous mitzvah!
S. Family
Your reception and welcome amazed us, and the genuine care and efforts you made to ensure that everything would be perfect warmed our hearts. Throughout the retreat, we saw proof of your huge hearts, the close attention to every detail, and your efforts to ensure that every parent is physically and emotionally rejuvenated. May Hashem bless you with great bounty, health and boundless nachas!
Rikki’s parents