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Motorcycle Unit

Patients, seniors, the homebound and family members.

Refua Vesimcha’s Motorcycle Unit is operated by groups of volunteers who are managed by Refua Vesimcha Online. The volunteers pick up medicine from pharmacies and deliver them swiftly to sick patients, elderly and the homebound.

When it comes to saving lives, time is of the essence. This is what inspired the founding of Refua Vesimcha’s Motorcycle Unit which provides swift, smooth response for urgent medical needs and requests.
Refua Vesimcha’s Motorcycle Unit attends to patients’ medical needs with maximal speed and efficiency by delivering medicines to patients and the homebound; collecting and delivering expensive medicines with short expirations or medicines that must be shipped abroad to the airport; transferring patients’ personal and medical files to medical centers around Israel; delivering blood samples to labs and the bone marrow bank; transporting medical equipment; distributing food to the elderly and needy; and countless other urgent tasks that all contribute to saving lives!
As soon as a call is received, Refua Vesimcha Online’s dispatcher announces the call, and our volunteers spring into action to ensure the job is done. Travel by motorcycle saves hours in traffic and parking that delay delivery, especially when time is the most critical factor.
Unfortunately, incoming requests from patients are constant and ever-growing. Refua Vesimcha is in need of additional motorcycles and volunteers to drive them so we can expand our activities to other centers in Israel and continue providing urgent, swift response to as many patients as possible.

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